Oct 19, 2014


I really wanted to see the leaves in all their glory this year, so despite the bit of rain we were experiencing yesterday, Dave and I took a drive to Mono Cliffs to see all the beautiful colors on display.

And Nature did not disappoint.

How lucky are we that we get to experience this every year? Just like Winter, Autumn is a time of reflection for me, as things go to sleep, getting ready for the next cycle in their lives.

We stumbled across a little cemetery on our travels and decided to explore. You guys know my love for cemeteries: quiet places, full of lives that were once here but are now at rest. 

So pretty.

Yay leaves!

It was so frigging cold out yesterday, but man, it felt good to be alive!

I mean, look at those colours.

At least they had full lives.

Dave was really cold.

I was certainly not dressed warmly enough.

This one made me sad.

Sometimes you need to just sit and think about the changes in your life...is your life working for you? What could be better? What can you fix? Always remember though...it can always be worse. That is my life motto.

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is about protein shakes, working out, and chilli in the crockpot that is already smelling super delicious. It's cold here today, so cozy pajamas and space heaters are what's up.

What's your favourite thing about Sundays?

Oct 15, 2014

What's In My Bag Fall 2014

Let us take a peek as to what is inside my bag this Fall shall we? The bag itself is a Joelle Hawkins, which I am IN LOVE with! Super functional, yet edgy and chic at the same time.

Sneak peak!

Yes, this is all the crap that fits into this bag. And the crap is piled. I still have some room to squish a few more things in there too.

First off we have a pack of Excel gum, my card to get into work, and my house/ work keys.

My wallet, sunglasses case, and lipstick case that I carry my tokens in fit in there nicely. I need a new wallet, a nice wallet, a Christmas present wallet.

The most important items are of course my iPhone 5s, and my iPad mini. 

I am currently almost finished with the Divergent series, and I have downloaded a few books onto my mini. A practice in theory I can't believe I have done, BUT, if it saves on my having to carry around a 15 pound bag, I am willing to try it. We'll see how it goes. I am running out of room for books as it is.

My Fossil bag with all my day to day things I need: chapstick, nail file, hand cream, tampons, compact, foundation brush. All the essentials.

And last but not least, everyone needs a toque and a scarf in the fall, so that you aren't caught off guard on those crisp mornings!

Do you change up your bags with each season?

Oct 13, 2014

It's All About the Good Times

What is up my loves? This Thanksgiving weekend is almost over and man, do I have a lot to be thankful for! My life is a good one, and sometimes the big picture escapes us with the everyday mundane things, but when I pull back and break it all down, the good times are not killing me. 

For instance, this little treat right here. Anyone heard of Arkham Horror? It's a fun, hours long adventure boardgame we are playing around here. 

It's pretty intense. And it requires beer.

Or Baileys. Even better.

I've also been playing Outlast on the PS4. It's the little things. I lead a very charmed life.

Everything Fall and Halloween and cozy around here certainly makes me a happy camper. We have been getting a lot of use out of our little 'fireplace' space heater on those chilly nights!

These were just too cute to not take a picture of.

I am thankful for my holistic nutrition course. It teaches me so much and I am so lucky that I can afford to get this degree, and hopefully put what I know into practice one day.

Apple picking with Chrissy and her family that I love dearly was so much fun.

24 years strong.

Of course I am thankful for this schnitzel, my love and my life....Dave.

And our little family. Two other assholes not pictured here.

Our car, our car, how grateful am I for our car? Even when we get a flat tire and have to pay $125 for a new one, I still love our car.

We also got the opportunity to visit Dave's great uncle and aunt in Meaford this weekend. 

Their living room looked out onto Georgian Bay. It was steps away. So pretty.

Thanksgiving dinner with my family was another thing that I am grateful for....family means so much.

I am happy that I got to put those delicious apples to use as well!

The end of a long weekend is nigh, and a short week is ahead. Not too shabby I think. The rest of this night will be spent catching up on shows we missed, and just enjoying each others company.

What are you thankful for?

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