Aug 8, 2014

Canoeing the Grand

Took this right after our tire blew out on the highway.  We just wanted to catch our shuttle bus to glorious canoeing and fun times, but no, had to miss it to wait for roadside assistance to come and change the tire. On our rental. Yeah.

Still waiting. I was damned if we were going to miss the next shuttle too.  The guy came and changed the tire to the spare, but advised that we shouldn't really be driving back to Toronto on it.  Ummm...ok. Did I mention this was a rental?

Anyway, we forgot all about that drama once we got into our canoe. I had packed a big lunch and beer and snacks, so we were all ready to go.

It was kind of cold and overcast on this day, but the rain held out for us. It came later, and it came a lot.

Oh Dave I just love you.

After canoeing we figured we would go to Wal-Mart, buy a new tire and have them put it on. They took one look at the rim and said no way. So the rental company (ahem, Zipcar), advised us to call a tow truck and get it towed back to Toronto. They said we could ride back with the tow truck driver. Like it would be fun! No thanks. We decided to take the bus, and it was raining and gloomy and depressing.  But whatever, we didn't die from losing a tire on the highway right?

Aug 5, 2014

To Jessi's We Will Go

Two weekends ago (?) I had the utmost pleasure of visiting my other family, Jess, Rob and their little one Jackson (who is not so little anymore!).  I hopped on a train and then a bus and then eventually Jess's car to make the 3 hour long trek to my love's home out in the middle of nowhere.

Jack and I had a lot of fun walking together.  Well, I walked, he enjoyed the ride.

Maybe a little too much.

Jess and I had a bit of a girly day with manis and pedis on the menu (thanks Rob! You are the best husband ever!).

And then we chipped/ ruined those lovely nails by taking a trip to the frigging arcade.  Damn right.

Cats in things.  

Then we went to the beach!! I forgot how much we actually did this was pretty jam packed with fun!

Oh dear the cuteness.

Dave met Jess and I in Orangeville, so he could take me home. And this is where I discovered these French macarons! Oh god, I was in heaven.

Sorry for the quick post friends, but I am sitting at work right now. That's right, I found a job!  More on that business later. Talk to you soon!

Jul 25, 2014

What's In My Bag: Summer 2014

New season, new bag! I bought this Olivia and Joy bag from Winners at the beginning of the Summer, and I am in love with it! I thought the chains would hurt my shoulders but they don't at all, so, excellent!

A little peek as to what's in my bag.  I don't like a lot of crap floating around in there, and I try to keep it as organized as possible.

Little front pocket perfect for my keys.

Keys and some candies!!

I use a lipstick case to carry my TTC tokens.

The buffer from when I got my nails did in Collingwood with Jessi (post coming soon!)

Eos strawberry lip balm (and a cat hair stuck to it).


Sunglasses and their case.

My other bag inside my bag, my Fossil make-up/ necessities bag.

Maybelline Dream Matte powder, lemon Body Shop hand cream, nail file, tampons, and blotting papers.

The inside pocket contains two sets of headphones, directions to Jessi's house, Ativan for my crazy, keys to Di's house, my expired passport, and two more lip balms.  Oh, and my Plant World key fob thing.

What are the essentials in your bag for the Summer?

Jul 24, 2014

Kew Beach

No words needed really...we went to the beach and it was fun times!

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